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Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


I love Jesus, not because I'm good but because He is. I write and uplift other writers. I'm a graduate of the Mississippi College Writing Department, and a participant in the 2018 Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford University. For two years, I worked as a freelance virtual assistant and content manager to best-selling authors; they taught me everything I know. Since then, I've been side-hustling as a publishing consultant: helping aspiring authors write book proposals, query letters, manuscripts, and overall demystifying the publishing process. I also work full-time at Penguin Random House as a publishing assistant for Vintage & Anchor Books.


Other important details

  • Resident of New York

  • Consumer of black coffee, IPAs, and cabernet

  • Writer of creative nonfiction

  • Appreciator of the arts

  • Explorer of new cities

  • Co-creator of Eight Hundred Words

why i write.

In the darkness, He whispered two words: hope and wholeness. Two promises, two pinpricks of light. Steady anchors in the the churning waters of grief and crisis. He didn’t have to draw me to light, but He did. This blog is my way of discovering the hope and wholeness amidst the wreckage and pain of life. I'm learning that this hope is only found in Jesus.

All I know is this: I was created me to write. To be fascinated and frustrated with words. I hope this blog speaks truth. I hope the words are simple, beautiful, comforting and raw. I hope I don't boast in anything, except that Jesus died for me. Walking with Jesus is quite a story, so I'll tell it to whoever wants to hear.