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Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


What Going Home Sounds Like

Elizabeth Moore

So I went home this weekend. Normally that's not a huge deal, except for the fact that, these days, it's pretty rare that all 6 of us end up in the same place. 

How was it? Pretty stinking awesome. In fact, if you were a fly on the wall, you might've heard something along these lines:

Warm greetings, loud at first but then muffled by hugs.

Exclamations of how each person has changed.

"You're huge!" - to JD

"No more facial hair?" -to Michael

"Nice shoes..." -to Matthew

"Crossfit bod and still drinking kale I see" -to Dad

"You haven't showered." -to me

"You look cute!" -to Mom

Fake barfing noises as Dad puts kale, carrots, and bananas into a blender and DRINKS IT.

Laughter while catching each other up on the latest funny/insane YouTube videos.

Chewing and talking with our mouths full as we all eat uncommonly fast. 

Chips and guac all dayyyy.

Reminiscing on pleasant stories from childhood...or not so pleasant.

Catching up the main events in each other's lives.

"You're leaving for Ireland in two days?? Oh yeah..."

"So how does it feel to not be a Laguna officer anymore?" Great :) 

"What horses are you training these days?"

"GUESS WHO ALL IS ENGAGED?!" (that's just mainly me..) 

"You're teaching Civics next year!"

"They're offering your studio class in the summer so you don't have to take it during football season! Yay God!" 


Debating over iPhones vs. Droids and Macs vs. PCs (we have all of the above in our house)

Deep talks about deep stuff.

"Gran used to have to read her Bible under her pillow with a flashlight."

"So the difference between Catholicism, Episcopalian, and Lutheran..."

"I think the Pope said this..." "He definitely didn't say that." 

Amazement at what the other person is passionate about.

"You get up how early to work with your horses?"

"So you're excited about teaching Civics?" "Yep" "But that means you'll have to change all your lesson plans, right?" "Yep."

" you go from breakfast club, to studio architecture class, to football practice, to meetings, to small group, to homework..and you have a girlfriend?" 

Arguing for what we're passionate about.

"Why are you tutoring for minimum wage when you could make bank by the hour??" "Because my philosophy of tutoring is for the love of the writer not the money gosh darn it!!" 

Brains exploding because smart older brothers are teaching you the model for basic economics..

"So, if demand for a product goes down then prices go...?" "UP?!" *sighs and shakes head*

John David singing in the shower. Mmhmmm, y'all be missin' out. 

Every genre of music being played to baffled expressions as we try and wrap our brains around each other's tastes in music.

"What are we listening to?" "Lizzie's music..." 

Dry humor. 

*you just have to be there*

Piano music wailing at all hours of the day. If you're lucky, two pianos, a guitar, and a djembe (and the enthusiastic applause of Mom). Also, an a cappella men's trio that I try to discourage. 

The silence of everyone sitting and reading together in the living room.

The words, "FAMILY GAME!" from Mom. 

The screams of everyone trying out JD's new rope swing into the poison ivy. We live on the edge.

Baby talking to Hannah Howell when she comes over in her wagon. 

Squeaky high pitched noises as we all make majestic music with the tops of our sparking grape juice glasses. 

Movie quote on movie quotes.  So. Much. Quoting. (voices included)


"da Lord's cheeps" 

*Yzma put your hands in the air!"

"Pull the lever Kronk...WRONG LEVER. Why do we even have that lever..."

The honking of car horns as we wave each other good bye from the driveway.