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Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


I'm From: The Literal, The Relational

Elizabeth Moore

I’m from Ruston, Louisiana.

I’m from a small college town whose population doubles during the school year.

I’m from thick southern community that runs deep with cookouts and sweet tea.

I’m from Ruston High School.

I’m from football games, pep rallies, and Bearcats on Broadway.

I’m from jazz shoes and duffel bags.

I’m from soccer games and track meets and Just Dance parties.

I’m from “Mrs. Stephenson lives in my mind.”

I’m from hating English to loving it.

I’m from a family of six.

I’m from two parents and three brothers.

I’m from Byron and our shared love for coffee and books.

I’m from continuously being amazed at the way he leads our family.

I’m from the way he challenges boys and teaches them to be men.

I’m from Melinda and her choice to be submissive though she would much rather take the reins.

I’m from her gardening attempts and “mighty-muh” specials.

I’m from mother-daughter Bible studies, road trips, shopping trips, and arguments that refined us.

I’m from the three men-of-God I get to call my brothers.

I’m from Matthew’s deep thinking, quiet strength, and brilliance.

I’m from his thoughtful gifts and deep love of family tradition.

I’m from Michael’s fun-loving, pot-stirring, “Michael-is-a-verb” personality.

I’m from his cool-big brother status and long phone calls about life.

I’m from John David’s tender heart, athleticism, and my childhood best friend.

I’m from his natural leadership, humility, and desire to learn.

I’m from going to church for as long as I can remember.

I’m from becoming a Christian and learning to ride my bike at the same age.

I’m from the incredible example my parents set for me and my brothers.

I’m from John O and Jason’s leadership.

I’m from Super Hero Dodge ball and Dessert Fest.

I’m from Sunday afternoon jam sessions to leading worship.

I’m from tears on senior night and Show-the-Love dinners.

I’m from Jason and Emily Howell's mentorship

I'm from their example of marriage and teamwork

I'm from their first daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, and her reminder that God is faithful.


I’m from small group and discipleship with incredible young women.

I’m from a whole group of girls that did life together.

I’m from making cookies on game-days to scheming late night pranks.

I’m from first dates and awkward moments.

I’m from hurt feelings and confrontations.

I’m from accountability and encouragement.

I’m from Hannah Rose’s hospitality and honesty.

I’m from Lauren’s spontaneity and wisdom.

I’m from Casey’s depth and thoughtfulness.

I’m from Melissa’s sensitivity and determination.

I’m from Haven’s energy and deeply caring heart.

I’m from Taylor’s strength and questions that made us push deeper.

I'm from Mary-Kyle's sense of humor and active love.

I’m from a whole room of girls praying and learning together.

I’m from the first day of freshman year to graduation speeches.

I’m from continuing to challenge and pray for one another through college.