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Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


If My Sweater Had Senses...

Elizabeth Moore

So I have this favorite sweater. All you really need to know is that it's green and it's made out of this really thick yarn that makes me feel snuggly all the time. Today was one of those snuggly sweater days, so the snuggly sweater and I spent this rainy Sunday together. 

We experienced life through our senses today. And if my sweater had senses, it would have...

Smelled: The familiar smell of Cups Espresso Cafe. This time I went to the one in Fondren after church. Sunday mornings are the best for getting work done in a coffee shop--so chill. And just like every other time I go to Cups, the familiar coffee smell seeps so deep into the fabrics of whatever you're wearing that you carry a little piece of that place with you all day.

Tasted: Lots and lots of tortilla chips. Super Bowl Party, Broncos did horrible, Seahawks beasted, need I say more? 

Heard: Beautiful worship music this morning at North Ridge Fondren. A few wrong notes were hit, a few wrong words were sung, but the Lord's name was lifted high and people were loved. That is enough.

Seen: Bright lights. Bright lights were everywhere today for some reason. The news camera that randomly showed up at church this morning and shined its obnoxious camera light in my face, the extremely bright headlights of every car we passed as Lindsey, Mitchell, Elizabeth and I came home from the Super Bowl Party, the bright light of the TV screen I somehow stared at for 4 hours, and the sparkling reflection of light that twinkled off Katie Carr's HUGE engagement ring we squealed at tonight at her stringing.

Felt: Rain. It rained all day long today. Me and the sweater got pretty wet a few times, but it was okay. It's like one of my favorite twitter quotes says, "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet."