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Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


Sometime's You're Reunited

Elizabeth Moore

I wrote this about a week and a half ago when I was home sick. The Lord might have brought me home just for this.   


Last night I got to hang out with some sweet girls, formerly known as my best friends. They're the ones I sat with at the lunch table, the ones I wore lab goggles with in Mrs. Wooley's class, the ones I celebrated graduation night with.

Very rarely do we all see each other--lives have just gotten busy with college, summer jobs, studying abroad, and learning how to be grown-ups.

It's not that we have forgotten about each other, but the Lord has called us to embark upon very different paths. Now we experience abundant life apart from each other.

But sometimes, the Lord is cool enough to choose the most unlikely night of the summer and reunite you with old friends. He picks you up from the new, sometimes lonely and scary path He's put you on, and brings you back to safety. He pours cool water over the wounds and burns of "right now" to remind you of how He was faithful and healed you in the past. If He did it then, He'll do it again.

We just have to be reminded that His character hasn't changed, even if we have.

Sometimes old friends go through the exact same thing, and you never know until you see them. So when the opportunity comes to gather in an old friend's living room, you snatch it up and listen to each other's words.

At the beginning of May, I would have said there is a zero percent chance that I would get to see these girls smack dab in the middle of the summer. But God has a crazy way of orchestrating unforeseen reunions for His glory and for our pleasure.

Iron sharpened iron last night when it wasn't supposed to. I'm so thankful the Lord used those girls to actually get in my face and talk to me about what's been up.

We are never all in Ruston--never! But last night we were. And we had tea and we talked and we encouraged and we challenged. We reminded each other not to grow weary in doing good. We each left that night to return to our own paths, but not without soaking up some strength from the Spirit in each one of us.

And now it's back to life.