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Dear Flesh, We're Not Friends


Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


Dear Flesh, We're Not Friends

Elizabeth Moore

Wrote a letter to my sinful flesh, because I'm over it. 

Dear Flesh,

We're not friends. 

Let me make that very clear. We're not going to try to make this relationship work in the friend-zone because it's not happening. I have the Light now, and I have no intention of remaining in the darkness.

You're welcome to leave me, Flesh, because you're no longer welcome here. 

You charmed me, Flesh. 

Once, you were my obsession. I craved you and wanted the satisfaction you gave me more than anything. But it was only temporary.

You knew I was weak, and I've never felt more empty. 

You lied to me, Flesh.

You told me to cover myself up--to indulge in everything the world offered and medicate the pain with pleasure. But all the while, I was blindly longing for my Bridegroom. 

You were jealous of Him, Flesh. 

And you still are. But I could honestly care less. Everything you whispered to me in the darkness was for you--your own selfish desire. You knew there was One who loved me purely and unconditionally, yet you still blinded me from Him. 

I don't belong to you, Flesh. 

I'm no longer a child of wrath or an enemy of God, no matter how guilty you make me feel. Jesus Christ has given me grace and a deep healing that you will never know.

I don't choose you, Flesh. 

I can't choose both you and Jesus. 

I've found the One my soul loves. He speaks tenderly to me even in the wilderness (Hosea 2).

I've moved on, Flesh.

You have no power over me. You are no longer welcome to occupy my thoughts or determine my habits. Don't come to me late at night to compromise or negotiate. It's over.

With the help of Jesus, I will beat you down and make you my slave until the day the Lord returns (1 Corinthians 9:27). On that day, you will be cut off forever, and I will forever be free from you.

You have been defeated, Flesh.

You've been replaced, and I'm rejecting your compromise of friendship.

You don't control me. You don't own me. You have no claim over me. I will fight and resist you until you are finally destroyed.

Let me make this very clear, Flesh: We're not friends. I do not choose you.

I choose Jesus Christ. I choose freedom.


Have a nice life. 


A new creation