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Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


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Climbing Oak Mountain

Elizabeth Moore

A couple weekends ago, I visited Birmingham with a friend of mine--we'll call her Trail Runner. Trail Runner is one of those naturally outdoorsy people who grew up with a state park at her back door and a kayak strapped to the family car. Trail Runner and I couldn't be more different, but on a sidewalk in November, we decided to start road tripping together.

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The Blank Canvas Days

Elizabeth Moore

One day, brilliant words will be falling out of your head, and then the next day you're shaking your fist at a blank canvas. Where did the inspiration go? Why are words suddenly hard?

It's tempting to think that on the blank canvas days, we just have nothing--that the well of our brain is dry. But I think another alternative reason for blank canvas days are because the well of our brains are overloaded.

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