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Living a life of hope & wholeness and sometimes writing about it. 


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On Not Writing

Elizabeth Moore

Two nights ago, I sat down to write and nothing came out. 

It was very frustrating. The writing had a deadline, but the words and ideas said "nope."

The setting was so perfect! A cozy fire, a snuggly living room, a cup of hot tea, no boys in the house, and even a cuddly dog! Nothing says, "Come write in my environment of perfection" like that scenario, you know? 

But no. Something was off, and I couldn't do it.

Something in my spirit was halting me, holding me back, and it wasn't just writer's block. I had all the drive, all the momentum, every desire to write beautiful words in front of this beautiful fireplace, and then post a beautiful Instagram and make a beautiful name for myself. And my spirit said no. 

Not this way.

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Climbing Oak Mountain

Elizabeth Moore

A couple weekends ago, I visited Birmingham with a friend of mine--we'll call her Trail Runner. Trail Runner is one of those naturally outdoorsy people who grew up with a state park at her back door and a kayak strapped to the family car. Trail Runner and I couldn't be more different, but on a sidewalk in November, we decided to start road tripping together.

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In the gap between His words and ours

Elizabeth Moore

I've recently been captivated by how words form and who puts them there. Who decides the best word to use in the best place? Who decides what type of manipulation of language to use over another? Who decides that the words are beautiful enough to rest and begin to be? In the words of my dear friend Katie: "In the gap between His words and our own, He has placed you." 

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The Blank Canvas Days

Elizabeth Moore

One day, brilliant words will be falling out of your head, and then the next day you're shaking your fist at a blank canvas. Where did the inspiration go? Why are words suddenly hard?

It's tempting to think that on the blank canvas days, we just have nothing--that the well of our brain is dry. But I think another alternative reason for blank canvas days are because the well of our brains are overloaded.

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